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Name of the designer in English:Sheikha Intisar Salem Al Ali AlSabah

Name of the designer in Arabic: الشيخه / انتصارسالم العلي الصباح

Origin:  Kuwait



Years of Experience:Multidisciplinary journey through a non-profit organization, publishing house, beauty brand & movie production. Jewellery brand started approx. 5 years back, in the search of meaningful jewellery that will bring out emotions in those who wear it.

Name of the Brand:INTISARS

Date of Establishment:March 2017

Number of countries that you sell your products to:Kuwait, UAE & UK

Number of Owned Boutiques:We only retail through exclusive trunk shows and will be launching ecommerce for select collections soon.

Total revenues (This number will onlybe used for research purposes and won’t be published or shared with any third party):N/A

The price of the most luxurious jewelry piece and please attach a brief and a high-resolution photo of it to publish:The full pave VIP “Aqqal” bracelet is priced at 16,595 KWD or 202,950 AED and comes in three variations: white gold, yellow gold and rose gold. Each Bracelet is studded with 5.72 CTS of Ethically Sourced Diamonds. For more details on the inspiration behind the design, kindly refer to the supporting documents.

International awards (If any):Sheikha Intisar received the Arab Women’s Award 2017 for her Achievement in Community Development. She was also listed as one of the most influential women in the region by Sayidaty magazine in 2014.

Bio and a high-resolution photo of the designer:Bio attached separately to the same email.


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